zaterdag 19 januari 2013

In My Mailbox (80)

Seven officials this week and one private swap. The first amazing postcard came frm Tauchung, Taiwan. It's from Alice in Wonderland. I love everything about this card.The colors are beautiful too.

Sent: january 8th 2013
Received: january 14th 2013
Distance: 9,511 km (5,910 miles)
Travel Time: 6 days

From Torun,Poland I received this viewcard. A bit touristic, but'you have to admit it's a nice view.

Sent: january 9th 2013
Received: january 15th 2013
Distance: 916 km (569 miles)
Travel Time: 6 days

I got this really sweet postcard from Severodvinsk, Russia. I like it because I love dogs and the fall. This is them together, so perfect for me.

Sent: january 4th 2013
Received: january 16th 2013
Distance: 2,451 km (1,523 miles)
Travel Time: 12 days

This card fits the time of the year perfectly. I had just snowed here when I received this pstcard from Hangzhou, China. And isn't the panda cute?

Sent: december 29th 2012
Received: january 16th 2013
Distance: 8,930 km (5,549 miles)
Travel Time: 18 days

From Gatchina, Russia I got this fall card. I think it's a park. The sender wrote me a riddle on it. I like riddles and I guessed it.

Sent: january 7th 2013
Received: january 17th 2013
Distance: 1,776 km (1,104 miles)
Travel Time: 10 days

This Moomin card came from Turku, Finland. What a surprise!

Sent: january 13th 2013
Received: january 18th 2013
Distance: 1,441 km (895 miles)
Travel Time: 5 days

And I just love this concept art from Pixar!!!! It's from Taipei, Taiwan. I love this postcard. It also had a Buzz Lightyear stamp on it.

Sent: january 3rd 2013
Received: january 18th 2013
Distance: 9,469 km (5,884 miles)
Travel Time: 15 days

And a private swap from Guangdong, China. My card had arrived a long time ago, but now I received mine. It's vintage, loving it.

Thanks Jennifer, Marta, Natasha, Alice, Anton, Gitta, Ivy and Guo for your fantastic postcards this week.

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