maandag 21 januari 2013

Movie Moments: E.T.:The Extra Terrestrial

This movie is absolutely timeless. When I added this movie to the top 5 of Steven Spielberg movies last thursday, I just needed to rewatch it and pick my favorite moments from the film. So here they are.

Moment # 1: Opening
A strange aircraft has landed on our planet, with unearthly creatures. We don’t really get to see what they are, only some fingers and silhouettes. People have discovered them and are trying to chase one of the creatures. When he’s almost at the aircraft, it leaves and one of the creatures is left behind.

Moment # 2: Something in the shed
Elliott is getting pizza and he hears something in the shed. When he throws a ball in the shed, something throws it back. When Elliot returns with back up, there’s nothing there. When they go back inside the house, we see fingers.

Moment # 3: Elliott discovers E.T.
When Elliott is in the bed he decides to check out the shed again. He goes into te cornfield and he sees a strange creature appear. Both are startled and start to screams and run.

Moment # 4: E.T. comes back
No one believes Elliott, but he doesn’t give up. At night, Elliott sleeps outside and the creature returns. Elliott lures him in with candy and we finally meet E.T. Elliot doesn’t know what to do, but E.T. starts mimicking Elliott.

Moment # 5: Gertie meets E.T.
Michael gets home and Elliott wants him to meet E.T. All of a sudden Gertie also walks in and she starts to scream when she sees E.T. Than E.T. also starts to scream.

Moment # 6: E.T. speaks
Gertie comes home from school and watches T.V. There’s a spelling show on and Gertie is repeating the words. E.T. is behind the T.V. and starts to talk.

Moment # 7: E.T. phone home
E.T. made something and tries to tell Elliott, Gertie and Michael what he wants to do with it. Het tells them it’s to phone home.

Moment # 8: Auch
Elliott cuts his finger and E.T. heals it.

Moment # 9: The flying bike
Elliott is trying to get E.T. to the place where he can make his phonecall. When in the woods, Elliott thinks they can’t go any further because it’s to bumpy, but the bike starts to ride itself. E.T. is making it do that and they start to fly.

Moment # 10: “I’ll be right here”
E.T. goes home. Gertie kisses him on the nose, Michael says goodbye and for Elliott it’s the hardest moment. They hug and E.T. tells him: “I’ll be right here” and points to Elliott’s head.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 9: The flying bike

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