maandag 7 januari 2013

New Year, Clean Up!

2013 has just begun and I don't have any new years resolutions. I always forget them halfway through the year. But it's time to clean up a little. With that I mean some changes to my blog. People who have been following my blog for a while know that there are some recurring items. Some of them I still want to do, some I want to lose and maybe I will add a new one.

These are the items that will stay:
- Pic Spam: I still like to share photos of people I find handsome, beautiful, talented or that I admire.
- Movie Moments: Just posted one this morning and I like you to know my favorite scenes from some of my most beloved movies.
- In the Picture: I'm still loving to put the spotlight on the individual charactrs in a movie.
- Top 5 Thursday: My mind works in lists and it's still full of ideas.
- In My Mailbox: All the postcards I receive through postcrossing.
- Movie Trailer Sunday: I love watching trailer, I'm probably the only one that loves the previews in theatres. But for the ones who also love it, I still like to share my favoite trailers of the week.
- Movie Tip: I post them very rarely, but whenever I have seen a movie that's worth your while I will let you know.
- 50 Books Challenge: Off course, I just started a new one, for the third time in a row and I love this!!
- Check it Out: Whenever I gathered some awesome links, photos or merchandise I share it with you in this item.

These are the items that will no longer be on my blog:
- Best of... : I've done it since 2010. But the last couple of times I just didn't enjoy making them.
- The Many Faces of... : This item isn't that old yet, it first appeared on august 30th 2011. I never had a great feeling about this item, so I decided to lose this one as well.

New items:
- Quotables: My favorite quotes from movies, tv-shows or books.
- Weekly Photo Challenge: Every tuesday I will share a photo with you, taken by myself. Every week will have a different theme.

I'm glad to see that I have 25 followers, but I hope to get more someday. Maybe these new items will help a little. I'm certainly excited about doing them.

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