zaterdag 30 maart 2013

In My Mailbox (90)

Five officials and one swap. The first one is a card from Wyoming, but the sender is actually from Los Angeles, California. I like it a lot.

Sent: march 18th 2013
Received: march 25th 2013
Distance: 9,107 km (5,659 miles)
Travel Time: 7 days

From Lomza, Poland I got this really cute puppy. The sender is also an animal lover, like me.

Sent: march 21st 2013
Received: march 26th 2013
Distance: 1,118 km (695 miles)
Travel Time: 5 days

I got an awesome 3D card with a brown bear on it from Perg, Austria. I love this. My favorite of the week!

Sent: march 25th 2013
Received: march 29th 2013
Distance: 702 km (436 miles)
Travel Time: 4 days

From Kiev, Ukraine I received this card from a horselover. She is also a teacher, but then she teaches French and English.

Sent: march 15th 2013
Received: march 29th 2013
Distance: 1,722 km (1,070 miles)
Travel Time: 14 days

And another dolphin postcard, this time from Slochteren, Netherlands. the sender complimented me on my wishlist, she had so many cards she didn't know which one to send me.

Sent: march 28th 2013
Received: march 29th 2013
Distance: 231 km (144 miles)
Travel Time: 1 day

And one private swap again from Gatchina, Russia.

Thanks Kelly, Monika, Johanna, Tamara, Hindriktje and Anton for your fantastic cards this week.

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