vrijdag 15 maart 2013

Movie Moments: "Gremlins"

I'm always amazed when people tell me they never saw "Gremlins", because how the hell is that possible. It's on TV practically every Christmas and everyone knows Gizmo. I personaly love it so much, I decided to share with you my favorite moments in the film.

Moment # 1: The Store
We meet Randall Peltzer, an inventor, who enters an obscure store. He discovers a Mogwai and wants to buy it for his son Billy. But the Mogwai isn’t for sale. Later a boy gives it to Randall in an alley.

Moment # 2: Meet Gizmo
Randall comes home with his present for Bill. We meet the Mogwai, named Gizmo.

Moment # 3: Gizmo sings
Billy is playing his keyboard and Gizmo repeats the notes. Then he starts to sing.

Moment # 4: Water
Pete spills water and it falls on Gizmo. Little balls of fur pop out of Gizmo’s back. More Mogwais. Gizmo isn’t happy about it.

Moment # 5: Gizmo plays the trumpet
Billy shows his dad the other Mogwais, telling him they are nothing like Gizmo. Gizmo is playing the trumpet and the other Mogwais are teasing him.

Moment # 6: 3D-glasses
Gizmo is reading a book with 3D-glasses on and Billy asks him if he’s having fun. Where Gizmo respons: “FUN!!”

Moment # 7: The kitchen
Billy’s mom discovers a gremlin in the kitchen and puts it in the mixer, she stabbes another and the third explodes in the microwave. When she leaves the kitchen there’s a gremlin in the Christmas tree and attacks her. Billy saves her, but one of the gremlins gets away.

Moment # 8: Snowplow
Murray Futterman and his wife are watching television, when all of a sudden the signal gets bad. Murray checks the antenna and then his snowplow starts driving towards him and the house. It’s gremlins, he always knew.

Moment # 9: Mrs. Deagle goes flying
The mean and annoying Mrs. Deagle opens the door for carolers, but it’s gremlins. She closes the door and wants to go upstairs in her chair elevator. It was tampered with, so she speeds up and flies through the window.

Moment # 10: Gremlins at Dorry’s Tavern
All the gremlins have gathered in Dorry’s tavern, where Kate is having trouble with them. When she discovers they can’t stand light, she starts flashing a camera and is able to get away.

Moment # 11: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The gremlins are all in the theater watching Snow White and they seem to enjoy it. Kate and Billy have a plan want to set the theater onnfire.it works, but again one gets away.

Moment # 12: Gizmo drives a car
Billy is in trouble and comes to the rescue. He is driving a car and he’s loving it.

Moment # 13: Bye Billy
Gizmo goes back to the owner of the store. Before he leaves, there’s one more thing. Gizmo says: “Bye Billy”.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 3: Gizmo sings

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