donderdag 7 maart 2013

Top 5 Thursday: Christian Bale Movies

Christian Bale is a fantastic actor. Not the happiest chuck, but very persuasive and real. Also an actor who will go all the way for a role. I enjoy watching him, his performance, his characters. I ranked my favorite movies for you. And probably surprising, but none of the Batman movies are on this list.

5. Equilibrium
I have seen this movie so many times, I stopped counting. It was compaired to "The Matrix" al lot, but (and please don't kill me), this one is so much better. I think it's just taste. I like the concept and the original fighting scenes this movie has.

4. The Machinist
Fascinating! You get all the answers at the end. Great performance by Christian, and this is one of these movies where he did everything to do the job right.

3. American Psycho
Another amazing performance, a real psycho. In the end you still don't really know if he really did it all or it was just in his head. Mindfuck!

2. The Prestige
Christian tops his co-star Hugh Jackman. Brilliant acting. And a nice twist in the end. I always like that.

1. Empire of the Sun
He was just a kid, but you could already see that this was going to be a big one. Thank God he wasn't just another childstar. This is such a beautiful movie.

They almost made the top 5: Rescue Dawn, 3:10 to Yuma, Batman Begins

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