donderdag 14 maart 2013

Top 5 Thursday: Celebrities I Want as Friends

You really hardly see how they really are, but based on the things we see from them in interviews and such I made a list of celebrities I want as my friends. I know that sounds a bit desperate, and I can tell you nobody can top my two best friends Evelien and Irene, but it would be kinda nice to be friends with some celebrities. And not because they are famous, but because of their talents and personality.

5. Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer is so talented and I hope we can enjoy her in many more movies. In interviews she always seems very sympathetic and I can see she’s sincere. And I like her sense of humour.

4. Jason Segel
He seems like so much fun and he is super nice. And a Muppets fan like me. I never saw him angry or grumpy, I think Jason is always happy.

3. Seth MacFarlane
One of the funniest guys alive and filled with creativity. I like being creative as well, so maybe he can share it with me. And I always wished Seth’s voice would be the one in my head, so maybe he can narrate my life.

2. Ellen Degeneres
Ellen is such a kind, honest and funny woman, I would gladly invite her to my home and have her as my friend. She is fantastic!

1. Emma Stone
I already have a girl crush on her, but Emma Stone is such a fantastic woman. I would really want to know her and have her in my circle of friends.

They almost made the top 5: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (to risky, because I might fall in love), Amy Adams, Ellen Page, John Krasinski, Kristin Wiig, Billy Crystal

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