zaterdag 9 maart 2013

In the Picture: The Characters from "Lost in Translation"

Because this (amazing) movie only has two major characters, it gives me the room to really analyse them. As fantastic as they both are, here are the characters from one of my favorite films "Lost in Translation".

Bob Harris
Played by: Bill Murray
Bob Harris is an aging American movie star. He arrives in Tokyo where he is filming an advertisement for Suntory Whiskey. Although he will receive 2 million dollars for it, he's not enjoying working there or staying in this busy city. When he meets Charlotte in the hotel bar, he finally finds some fun. Bob is a kind man with humor and he's also very thoughtful. He has a wife and kids, but doesn't really seem to miss them when he's staying in Tokyo.

Played by: Scarlett Johansson
Charlotte traveled to Tokyo with her husband, who is a celebrity photographer. Although Tokyo is a busy city, Charlotte feels alone and her husband is so busy that they can't even spend time together. She is trying to kill the time in her hotelroom, but decides to go to the bar instead, where she meets Bob. A meeting she will never forget. Together they explore the nightlife of Tokyo. Charlotte finds a new friend in him. Charlotte is a calm, nice and faithful woman and sees the beauty in little things.

Played by: Giovanni Ribisi
John is Charlotte's husband. He brought her along on his trip to Tokyo, but has to leave her alone for his work. John is a hardworking man an passionate about his job, but doesn't really see what he's got.

Played by: Anna Faris
Kelly is an old friend of John's and a Hollywood actress. She isn't very smart, naive and extremely superficial. Charlotte doesn't say it out loud, but she doesn't like Kelly.

Favorite Character: Bob Harris

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