maandag 14 oktober 2013

In the Picture: The Characters from "Monsters Inc."

Oh how I love this Pixar movie. Basically because it's full of great jokes coming from the fantastic characters. If you read my blog frequently, you might already know who my favorite is, but here are the characters from "Monsters Inc."

Mike Wazowski
Voiced by: Billy Crystal
Mike is a proud and confident monster, mostly because of his friendship with top scarer Sully. He’s is an assistant and he leads a strict exercise. Mike also has a romantic side, because he’s madly in love with Celia.

James P. Sullivan aka. Sully
Voiced by: John Goodman
Sully is the best scarer for the company Monsters Inc. Everyone looks up to him. He is good-natured, hardworking and confident and he loves his job as a scarer.

Randall Boggs
Voiced by: Steve Buscemi
Randall is Sully and Mike’s direct rival. He’s a more vicious scarer and he’s very jealous of the fact that Sully is always the top scarer. To get that title himself, Randall cheats by scaring outside office hours.

Voiced by: Mary Gibbs
Boo is a toddler who steps into the monster world and becomes friends with Sully, although everyone in Monstropolis thinks humans are toxic. Boo is a sweet and naïve little girl.

Celia Mae
Voiced by: Jennifer Tilly
Celia is Mike’s girlfriend. She is very loving, but can be aggressive when she is mad.

Henry James Waternoose III
Voiced by: James Coburn
Mr. Waternoose is the big boss of Monsters Inc. He has a gentle and fatherly appearance, but that’s just a mask. He becomes more villainous as this drive and desperation strips away his morals and he is determined to not let anything stop what he thinks will be the best way for the company to keep going.

Voiced by: Bob Petersen
She is the manager of the scarefloor and always very synical, suspicious and crabby. Especially towards Mike, who is always trying to win over her sympathy.

Yeti aka The Abominable Snowman
Voice by: John Ratzenberger
Yeti also worked for Monsters Inc. but he got banished. Although he got banished, he seems like a cheery and kind monster, but we really don’t want to know why does snowcones are yellow.

George Sanderson
Voiced by: Samuel Lord Black
George is one of those monsters that can’t catch a break. He’s kind and friendly, but very clumsy.

Favorite Character: Mike Wazowksi

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