vrijdag 18 oktober 2013

Movie Battle: No Stings Attached Vs. Friends with Benefits

Both movies came out around the same time and have similar themes. Two friends decide to have casual sex, without any feelings or complications.


No Strings Attached: I adore Natalie Portman, but I’m not so much an Ashton Kutcher fan. I have to say that this isn’t Portman’s finest hour though. Kutcher does what he knows best, look pretty and shallow. I don’t recall any other actors in this film. At least the didn't leave an impression on me.

Friends with Benefits: Again I love the female lead, I think Mila Kunis is amazing. She lights up a room, or in this case the screen. I like Justin Timberlake just as much as I like sauerkraut, which means not at all. He’s just not a very good actor. He should just stick to making music. Kunis and Timberlake do have awesome chemistry. Besides, some nice supporting roles by Patricia Richardson, Richard Jenkins, Woody Harrelson and Jenna Elfman and small appearances by Andy Samberg and Emma Stone.


No Strings Attached: Not very special, but because this was the one that came out first it’s the more original one I guess. I never laughed out loud though.

Friends with Benefits: This is a bit more explicit, visually and verbally. I also believe I laughed ones or twice. Especially because of Patricia Richardson, she’s hilarious.


No Strings Attached: Again, not very special. I shows both Portman and Kutcher’s best features.

Friends with Benefits: The scene with the flashmob was shot very well, I actually liked that scene. But overall, everybody could have made this movie.


They’re both not on my favorites list, but “No Strings Attached” bored me and “Friends with Benefits”didn’t.

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