donderdag 30 oktober 2014

Best & Worst: Sandra Bullock

Of all the actresses on my favorites list, Sandra Bullock has probably been on there the longest. I just love her natural way of performing. Movie are better because of her. Bullock has a certain charm you just can't ignore. Here are my choices for best and worst movie of Sandra Bullock.

We just pretend there never was a sequel to this amazing action movie. Why is “Speed” so good? Because, after even watching it so many times, it still has the tension. Fun fact: the first time I saw this film was on a bus vacation to Spain.
Honorable Mentions: “The Net”, “The Blind Side”, “A Time to Kill”, “Demoltion Man”

This is a true abomination, what is she doing here? Even bad actors shouldn’t be apart of this film. Yuck…
Dishonorable Mentions: “Speed 2: Cruise Control”

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