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Movie Moments: "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves"

I’ve seen this movie so many times, I don’t even need to rewatch it to tell you what my favorite scenes are. “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” is still, in my opinion, the best movie about Robin Hood. Okay, maybe not the best, but the most fun and memorable. And it has my favorite song of all-time on its soundtrack.

Moment # 1: Robin fighting, Azeem praying
After Robin Hood and his new friend Azeem have escaped, they are headed to see Robin’s father. While danger is on the way, Azeem starts praying, instead of helping out Robin.

Moment # 2: Robin’s father
Robin arrives at his father’s home and sees it has been burned to the ground. He’s looking for him and finds him…. hanging. He want to avenge his father’s death.

Moment # 3: Fighting a masked knight
Robin visits Marian, who he thinks changed very much. Then he’s attacked by a masked knight. During the fight, Robin finds out he’s fighting a woman. When he takes off her mask, Robin sees it’s the real Marian.

Moment # 4: Binoculars
Robin and Azeem see the enemy approach. Azeem hands over binoculars to Robin, who has never seen it before. When he looks through, it scares him how close the enemy has come. He doesn’t understand it’s purpose.

Moment # 5: Crossing the river
Robin thinks it’s easy to cross a shallow river. Well, think again. The people who live there, led by John Little, don’t want him to cross and they won’t leave without a fight.

Moment # 6: “I’ll cut your heart out with a spoon”
Robin has entered the walls and is planning on stealing from the rich. Along the way he meets up with Marian, who advices him to take a bath. And also the Prince John, who has a rather unconventional method of trying to kill Robin.

Moment # 7: “Keep the stitched small”
After his unlucky meeting with Robin Hood, the Prince John has a big cut on his face. He orders the doctor to keep the stitches small. Later they also added the scar to his most beloved statue.

Moment # 8: Fighting and making weapons
John Little and all his people decided to tag along with Robin’s plans. Together they make weapons, like swords and arrows, and they are thought to fight properly.

Moment # 9: The arrow
Robin Hood is known for his archery. We see it up close and personal, while from the point of view of the arrow.

Moment # 10: Friar Tuck
The jolly, singing and always drunk Friar Tuck passes by. Robin and his group try to get the beer that he’s transporting. Friar Tuck doesn’t corporate and almost gets away, but he’s not that smart.

Moment # 11: Marian visits Robin
Marian wants to see Robin, who has been taken her advice. She sees him ‘taking a bath’ and is rather hypnotized by what she sees. When Robin eventually approaches her, she doesn’t know what to say.

Moment # 12: The blow
Robin is trying to teach the villagers how to shoot a bow and arrow while being distracted. Marian wonders if Robin can. While everyone is trying to distract him, Robin stays focused. Until Marian blows gentle into his ear.

Moment # 13: The kiss
Marian says goodbye to Robin, but before she gets into the boat Marian kisses him.

Moment # 14: Brothers
Robin wants to know why Will hates him so much. He reveals that they are brothers and that their father loved Robin more than him.

Moment # 15: The hanging
Prince John has captured John Little’s son. Together Robin and his people come up with a plan to rescue him.

Moment # 16: The final fight
In order to rescue Marian, Robin has to fight Prince John. And they both aren’t willing to give up.

Moment # 17: The wedding
Off course they will live happily ever after and Robin and Marian get married. King Richard also arrives and celebrates with them.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 5 : Crossing the River

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