vrijdag 24 oktober 2014

In the Picture: The Characters from "Guardians of the Galaxy"

This was a movie I had been looking forward to since I first heard about it. It’s such an awesome movie and I love all the characters. So, why not share them with you? Here are the characters from “Guardians of the Galaxy” and I choose only to share the five members of the group.

Peter Quill aka Star-Lord
Played by: Chris Pratt
Peter was abducted from earth when he was a kid. He was raised by a group of thieves and smugglers called The Ravagers. Peter has lived a life as a thieve himself and the only thing that connects him to earth is a mix tape with classic pop songs. Whenever Peter gets into a sticky situation, he tries to joke his way out of it.

Played by: Zoe Saldana
Gamora is an orphan and she is trained by Thanos. He used her as his personal assassin, but now she seeks revenge. Gamora is a warrior, she is lethal, righteous and she can kick your ass.

Drax the Destroyer
Played by: Dave Bautista
Drax is a warrior in search of vengeance. Ronan the Accuser has killed his wife and daughter and all he wants I to kill him. Because Drax doesn’t undertand metaphors, he sometimes comes off as dumb.

Voiced by: Vin Diesel
Groot is a tree-like humanoid and a bounty hunter. He has a very limited vocabulary. Groot can only say three words, being “I am Groot”. He has great physical strength, but is also a very kind hearted creature.

Voiced by: Bradley Cooper
Rocket is a genetically engineered raccoon. He accompanies Groot and is also a bounty hunter. Rocket is also a mercenary and is a master of weapons and battle tactics. He is dynamic, funny and you don’t want to piss him off.

Favorite Character: Rocket

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