donderdag 23 oktober 2014

Top 5 Thursday: TV Families

My family is the best, but there are so many fictional fmailies on TV that are super awesome. Here are my five favorites.

5. The Bundy's ("Married with Children")
They are no conventional, they are not nice to each other, but somehow it's hard to hate them. Favorite member: Al Bundy.

4. The Griffin's ("Family Guy")
They're maybe even weirder then the Bundy's. Peter that always gets into strange shenanigans, Lois who has to deal with all that, dumb Chris, black sheep Meg, baby Stewie who wants to rule the world and dog Brian. Favorite member: Brian Griffin.

3. The Taylor's ("Home Improvement")
I just love this family. Tim is hilarious and his wife Jill always tries to keep him on the right track. And the three very different sons doesn't make it easier for both Tim and Jill. Favorite member: Randy Taylor

2. The Winchester's ("Supernatural")
We only got to know Sam and Dean very well. And they are worth knowing! What a great pair of brothers. Father John we know only just a bit and mom Mary only from the past and flashbacks. One thing is for sure: No dull moment with the Winchester's. Favorite member: Dean Winchester.

1. The Dunphy's ("Modern Family")
A bit quirky, but very loving family. I just love Phil's enthusiasm and Claire is a bit like me, somewhat a controle freak sometimes. Pretty but not so smart Haley, nerd Alex and adventurous Luke. WHat a great family. Favorite member: Phil Dunphy.
They Almost Made the Top 5: The Scott's ("One Tree Hill"), The Teller's ("Sons of Anarchy")

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