zaterdag 28 maart 2015

100 Movie Challenge 2015 - # 40: The Legend of Hercules

Director: Renny Harlin
Genre: Action/ Adventure
Runtime: 99 minutes
Year: 2014
Starring: Kellan Lutz, Gaia Weiss, Scott Adkins, Roxanne McKee, Liam Garrigan, Liam McIntyre, Rade Serbedzija, Johnathon Schaech, Luke Newberry, Kenneth Cranham, Mariah Gale, Sarai Givaty, Dimiter Doichinov, Nikolai Sotirov, Radoslav Parvanov, Spencer Wilding, Bashar Rahal, Vlado Mihailov

Description: The origin story of the the mythical Greek hero. Betrayed by his stepfather, the King, and exiled and sold into slavery because of a forbidden love, Hercules must use his formidable powers to fight his way back to his rightful kingdom.

Review: For the bigger audience Hercules is known for his super strength, but in “The Legend of Hercules” we get to see more of the young hero. This action flick shows us the family history of this demigod and his love for princess Hebe. It’s all set in ancient Greek.
The second son that queen Alcmene gave life to wasn’t her husband’s Amphitryon, but the supreme God Zeus. He was a gift from Hera and got the name Hercules. His mission: peace. His stepfather and older brother don’t make it easy for him. Amphitryon places him in exile and favors son Iphicles in everything. He even gets to marry Hercules’ great love Hebe. But this only makes him stronger.
“The Legend of Hercules” offers you theatrical fights and lots of muscles. Director Renny Harlin focusses on the love story, but it doesn’t work. Hercules fights for love and peace, but comes off as an aggressive beast instead of a hero. A gorgeous beast though, that’s true.
The movie has nothing more to offer then spectacular scenes and an overkill of slow motion. The story is not convincing and the acting isn’t great either. It’s just looking pretty and handsome. The special effects aren’t all the great either, for a movie with, what looks, a big budget. I also doubt if the movie is historical accurate.
Just for fans of huge muscles and no-nonsense action. “The Legend of Hercules” is a terrible movie, it doesn’t impress.

Rating: 1,5/ 5

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