zondag 1 maart 2015

Monthly 4: February 2015

I did some nice things with friends and family this month.
1. Every year you can collect stamps at my local supermarket. When you have 60 stamps, you get a surprise grocery packet (normally costs 50 euros). I sound like a desperate housewife now, but it’s super useful!

2. I had a week off, so me and mom went shopping. And we also had a lovely lunch, with hot coco and cream on top. Not very healthy, but soooo delicious!

3. Me and my friends Natascha and Linda went for a high-tea, with a nice view of the river. Again not very healty, but fun and nice to catch up with my friends.

4. I already can’t miss little Vayèn and she also seems very comfortable when she’s with me. This photo is so adorable.

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