donderdag 12 maart 2015

Top 5 Thursday: YouTube Movie Critics

YouTube is an addiction, I love watching videos on YouTube. I most of all love watching movie related videos. I listed my five favorite movie critics on YouTube.

5. The Flick Pick
It’s basically John talking about movies. He is very enthusiastic, which is why I like his videos. He gives us reviews, lists, shares his new additions to his movie collection and takes us on trips while buying new movie stuff. And I like his Mark Wahlberg impression by the way.
4. Screen Junkies
They do discussion videos and I really like their show ‘Movie Fights’. But they are most known for their awesome honest trailers and they are especially fun to watch when you’ve already seen the film. They state the obvious and show us the movie’s shortcomings.
3. Jeremy Jahns
He speaks very fast and he might make you nervous, but his movie reviews always crack me up. And his vision on film is really good. He’s very much ‘in your face’. Short, to-the-point reviews.
2. Schmoes Know
More traditional reviews with ratings out of five and they never reveal spoilers in their reviews. So that makes it okay to watch reviews of movies I haven’t seen yet. I like their ‘Best & Worst’ item and their weekly show.
1. Chris Stuckmann
I really take his reviews seriously and I almost always agree with his opinions. His love for film and filmmaking is clearly present. Chris Stuckmann can convince me to see a certain movie. Thanks to him I saw “The Guest” and “Jagten” (“The Hunt”). I also like his hilariocity reviews (movies that are so bad, they are hilarious) and the videos where he explains complicated movies.
They Almost Made the Top 5: Cinema Sins, Movie Feuds

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