zaterdag 14 maart 2015

In the Picture: The Characters from "Big Hero 6"

I just saw “Big Hero 6” and I think it was amazing, Disney did it again. And don’t you just love the characters? Here they are.

Voiced by: Scott Adsit
Baymax is a healthcare robot. As such, he is highly intelligent in the world of medic, devoted and extremely caring for his patient in question. Baymax is also slightly naïve as he lacks understanding of human emotion. However, after meeting Hiro, Baymax slowly begins to change, pick up human tendencies and emotions and eventually gains a personality of his own.

Hiro Hamada
Voiced by: Ryan Potter
Hiro is a young boy with intelligence far beyond his years. Because of this he can be rather brazen and cocky, but never to the point of arrogance. He spends much of his time using technology to win money through illegal bot fights. Hiro has a much softer side to him, and he’s shown to be rather shy in front of crowds and during the process of making new friends. Hiro is a free-spirited, innocently sassy, warm and very loving boy.

Tadashi Hamada
Voice by: Daniel Henney
Tadashi is incredibly kind, encouraging and hard-working. He is always there when people need him. He has an energetic sense of humor and can be silly and excitable. Ever the optimist, Tadashi successfully balances his rising career in cutting-edge technology and providing moral and emotional support for his younger brother Hiro.

Go Go Tomago
Voiced by: Jamie Chung
Compared to her teammates, Go Go is tough and extreme, making up for her lack of conversation with bluntness and sarcasm. A straightforward athelete, Go Go lives for the speed and thrill and is willing to take up any challenge.

Honey Lemmon
Voiced by: Genisis Rodriguez
Honey is sweet, sunny, outgoing and humorously photogenic. She loves life and seems to find most things interesting. Eternally optimistic and bright, Honey is the team member who keeps everyone smiling and her sympathy towards other people’s issues can help relive moments of fear and tension within the group.

Voiced by: T.J. Miller
Fred is incredibly eccentric, zany, childish and rather boisterous. Nevertheless, he is ultimately very sweet, and extremely laid-back, especially when compared to his friends. Due to his nature, he can often sit back and look upon the brighter side of things, even in the face of danger.

Voiced by: Damon Wayans Jr.
Wasabi is neurotic and compulsive, apparently suffering from OCD, as well as a hint of anxiety. Wasabi is the most grounded and appears to be the one with the most common sense. He is easily scared and disturbed when facing intense situations, but he isn’t a coward.
Favorite Character: Baymax

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