maandag 6 april 2015

Movie Battle: The Theory of Everything Vs. The Imitation Game

The two movies I choose this time, both depict well known British scientists. I saw both movies this year and they were nominated for Academy Awards. Let’s get them face to face: “The Theory of Everything” Vs. “The Imitation Game”.

The Theory of Everything: Eddie Redmayne plays Stephen Hawking and does that with great conviction. Especially the minimal facial expression are done very well. Felicity Jones, as Jane, shows us the path from optimistic girl to depressed woman. Very well acted by her.

The Imitation Game: Benedict Cumberbatch plays mathematician Alan Turing. He shows us why he is so hard to ignore these days. He is excellent as the British pioneer and almost just as brilliant in his role as the man himself. Keira Knightley, as Joan Clarke, shows us again that she can overshadow her co-stars. Not Cumberbatch, but all the other male performers don’t stand a chance.


The Theory of Everything: We follow the life of Stephen Hawking and the woman behind him, Jane Wilde. It’s more for the romance fans then for the scientists. It focusses more on Hawking’s personal life then his work.

The Imitation Game: During World War II, mathematician Alan Turing tries to crack the enigma code with help from fellow mathematicians. A story that I didn’t know about before seeing this movie, this made is interesting for me.


The Theory of Everything: It feels like the movie is set in that period of time. The home video’s also make it feel like you are personally involved.

The Imitation Game: The color palet is perfect, it feels like the movie is set during World War II.


For some reason “The Theory of Everything” didn’t give me what I hoped for and “The Imitation Game” did, so I’ll give it to Benedict Cumberbatch and company.

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