dinsdag 1 december 2015

Monthly 4: November 2015

November was the Bond month, the month in preperation for Christmas and also a very windy and stormy month here in the Netherlands. Here are my favorite moments of November 2015.
1. I had to start with my Christmas cards this month. Probably a little late, but now I have the supplies I want to make the cards I want.

2. Me and my friend Matty and Inge went to Valkenburg this month, where we participated in a detective game. We had to solve a ‘murder’. It was fun. So much fun, that we continued our detective mood at home playing Clue.

3. My mom is very good at crocheting. She made me this Rudolph for Christmas!

4. It was a month full of Bond movies. I rewatched almost every movie in the franchise (some I had already rewatched in October). But what I was really waiting for was “Spectre”. It got mixed reviews, but I really liked it!

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