zondag 29 november 2015

Movie Trailer Sunday (215)

Here are this weeks trailers.

Captain America: Civil War
Description: Political interference in the Avenger's activities causes a rift between former allies Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.
Director: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
Starring: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Elisabeth Olsen, Leslie Bibb, Paul Rudd, Marisa Tomei, Anthony Mackie, Jeremy Renner, Paul Bettany, Sebastian Stan, Martin Freeman, Daniel Brühl, Emily VanCamp, Tom Holland, Frank Grillo, William Hurt
Comment: Not that excited, but I wasn't for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and that was awesome!

Gods of Egypt
Description: A common thief joins a mythical god on a quest through Egypt.
Director: Alex Proyas
Starring: Gerard Butler, Courtney Eaton, Nikolaj Coster Waldau, Rufus Sewell, Geoffrey Rush, Chadwick Boseman
Comment: Ehm....no!

Daughter of God
Description: After witnessing a miracle, a young Latina woman experiences strange things as a police detective searches for the truth behind his partner's death.
Director: Declan Dale
Starring: Keanu Reeves, Mira Sorvino, Ana de Armas, Christopher McDonald
Comment: Also known as "Exposed"

Now You See Me
Description: One year after outwitting the FBI and winning the public's adulation with their Robin Hood-style magic spectacles, The Four Horsemen resurface for a comeback performance in hopes of exposing the unethical practices of a tech magnate. The man behind their vanishing act is none other than Walter Mabry, a tech prodigy who threatens the Horsemen into pulling off their most impossible heist yet. Their only hope is to perform one last unprecedented stunt to clear their names and reveal the mastermind behind it all.
Director: John m> Chu
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Mark Ruffalo, Lizzy Caplan, Daniel Radcliffe, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine,
Comment: I didn't like the first movie, so not excited for this one at all!

The Boss
Description: A titan of industry (Melissa McCarthy) is sent to prison after she's caught for insider trading. When she emerges ready to rebrand herself as America's latest sweetheart, not everyone she screwed over is so quick to forgive and forget.
Director: Ben Falcone
Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen bell
Comment: My prediction for "TheBoss" : It's not going to bring us anything new.

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