dinsdag 3 november 2015

Monthly 4: October 2015

It mostly was a craft monty, but October is also the month of my birthday. Here ar my four favorite moments of October 2015.
1. Together with my friend Inge I visited Matty. He had a movie night planned for us, with bot “Johnny English” movies. Fun yet forgettable, though they are Matty’s favorites.

2. I turned 31 this month and I got lots of present. But my friends Irene and Evelien surprised me the most. The bought me a Cuttlebug, something I wanted for so long! And I’ve been having a lot of fun with it every since.

3. My friend Matty got me the game Carcassone for my birthday and I tested it with Irene, Evelien and Chris. Fun game!

4. One of my favorite days every year is going to the Kreadoe with my mom. It’s an arts and crafts fair and I really got some amazing supplies.

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