dinsdag 24 november 2015

100 Movie Challenge 2015 - # 150: Gerry

Director: Gus van Sant
Genre: Drama/ Adventure
Runtime: 103 minutes
Year: 2002
Starring: Casey Affleck, Matt Damon

Description: A friendship between two young men (Matt Damon, Casey Affleck) is tested when they go for a hike in a desert and forget to bring any water or food with them.

Review: “Gerry” is a movie written by Casey Affleck, Matt Damon and Gus van Sant. Where Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were already successful with “Good Will Hunting”, “Gerry” is more an experimental project. It’s a stunning looking movie that will only please a small audience.
Aside from some extras, Affleck and Damon are the only two people in the film. Gus van Sant directs. The opening credits are left out. They made a movie without focusing on the big Hollywood audience. “Gerry” is a creative outlet, nothing more nothing less.
The result is very slow film where you as a viewer have to fill in the content. The story is even less then minimal. Two friends, who call each other Gerry, are on their way to something. They call it ‘the thing’. They get lost in the desert. It’s basically just them walking and walking, but shot from many different angles. It can be seen as extremely boring, but this is where the power of the movie is.
No dramatic dialogues, no mutual criticism, no bonding or exciting survival scenes. It’s up to you as a viewer to get everything out of the film. It’s important to go in this movie with no expectations, because they will all be wrong and disappointing. Let yourself get fascinated by the calmness in which friendship, hope, trust, disappointment and desperation is shown.
“Gerry” is a movie where literally nothing happens, but it’s fun to fill in the blanks yourself. “Gerry” has been made for film fans who are sick of commercial blockbusters.

Rating: 3/ 5

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