dinsdag 17 november 2015

100 Movie Challenge 2015 - # 148: Three Days of the Condor

Director: Sydney Pollack
Genre: Thriller
Runtime: 117 minutes
Year: 1975
Starring: Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway, Cliff Robertson, Max von Sydow, John Houseman, Addison Powell, Walter McGinn, Tina Chen, Michael Kane, Don McHenry, Michael B. Miller, Helen Stenborg, Jess Osuna, Dino Narizzano, Patrick Gorman, Hansford Rowe

Description: A bookish CIA researcher (Robert Redford) finds all his co-workers dead, and must outwit those responsible until he figures out who he can really trust.

Review: “Three Days of the Condor”, by director Sydney Pollack, is an excellent thriller. Good acting, strong story and with the setting of ‘70s New York you have two hours of excitement.
Joey ‘Condor’ Turner (Robert Redford) is confronted with brutal violence, he panics and runs. A cat and mouse game is being played between an anonymous hitman and CIA researcher Turner.
Strong is the feel of paranoia that Pollack managed to create. By using long shots and no sound he manages to make Turner suspect a woman and child to be enemies. Turner has to run for his life after a hit on his team. He starts doubting everyone, including himself. Who can he trust? The only that he trusts is Kathy Hale (Faye Dunaway).
Robert Redford does a good job as the intelligent, yet a bit naive Turner. His performance is very believable. Also Max von Sydow as hitman Joubert. Without moving a single muscle he takes out people, he is relentless. The relationship between Joubert and Turner is interesting.
“Three Days of the Condor” is a good, solid thriller that captivates you the entire runtime.

Rating: 4/ 5

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