woensdag 25 november 2015

Best & Worst: Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is a very diverse actor and he has a lot of good movies. Sadly he also made some shitty ones. Here are my best and worst film of Hugh Jackman.
This movie really took my breath away when I first saw it and especially Jackman’s performance is mesmerizing. Such a fantastic film that really got under my skin. I recommended it to a bunch of people after seeing it, and they all agreed.
Honorable Mentions: “The Prestige”, “X2”, “X-Men: First Class”
Jackman has balls hanging from his face. Come on! I can’t believe he agreed to do this. I can’t believe any of the actors did, because this is probably one of the worst movies ever made!
Dishonorable Mentions: “Swordfish”, “Kate & Leopold”

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