zondag 6 februari 2011

5 Reasons why I love Modern Family

There are so many TV shows on right now, but how many of them are truly original? Not a lot. "Modern Family" is one of them and I'm a huge fan of the series. Here are five reasons why I love the show so much.

The characters
I don’t know where to start. All the characters are so unique but also very life-like. I think everyone can identify with one of the characters, because they are portrayed so real. Or you recognize elements from your own family life. I think Cameron is my favorite because he’s just so hilarious. Remember that scene from season 1, where he’s dressed as a clown and he has that giant clock in his pocket. I almost peed my pants. And Phil, trying too hard to be the cool dad. I think most people find him annoying, but I find him very funny. (WTF, that means Why that face…). And when he tries to lie, he just can’t do it. I like Claire, maybe because I recognize bits of her in me. I want to be in control sometimes. Gloria is fantastic, her spice and temperament. And Manny, such a sweet kid, who’s affraid of butterflies. Aaww. The karakters in the show are people you actually care about.

The writing
Very clever and fresh. The storylines are traditional, but the writers know how to re-use them in an original way, so it stays interesting and it never bores you. And the actors now their way around those themes. It's always a little bit different from how other shows do it and that's why this show is so unique.

The actors
They are all perfectly cast. Even the kids. Just perfect! I don't think it needs any explanation.

Family life
A lot of comedies have standard families with maybe one or two oddballs. But this family is everything BUT standard. That’s what I love, they dare to be different. This show has heart, the family has heart and they won mine over.

Mockumentary style
I like it in “The Office” but it also works for “Modern Family”. I like it when the characters talk to the camera. It’s so honest and real. You get to know the characters more and you have the feeling that you're a part of their life.

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