maandag 28 februari 2011

Academy Awards 2011

I'm one of those people that loves awardshows like this, even though I'm not glamorous at all. And I always like to predict, like I did on my blog after the nominees were announced. Like every year the show has its highlights and its downsides. Here are mine:


- The opening, where Anne Hathaway and James Franco enter Alec Baldwin's dream and travel through this years nominees. Very funny, especially the dance of the brown duck and the speech Anne gives. I also liked Morgan Freeman's appearance and how Baldwin said 'you got inceptioned'. And their dialogue was also fun, with the lesbian joke and how Franco got nominated and Anne didn't.
- Franco's grandma saying she just saw Marky Mark.
- Christian Bale winning for "The Fighter". I knew he was going to get it, but still. His speech was truly genuine and touching, especially at the end when he tried to thank his wife. Bale finally got recognition for his work.
- Natalie Portman winning for "Black Swan". Also not a surprise but she deserved it.
- Anne's song, about Hugh Jackman who stood her up when she wanted to do another duet with him. Hilarious. And I did like James Franco in drag, when he told us he got a text from Charlie Sheen. For most people that wasn't funny.
- Kirk Douglas presenting, he's still alive!!
- Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law presenting. They are a magnificent duo and so funny. They know how to make people laugh.
- "Inception" winning some awards, that most people will probably forget about, but they did get awards!!
- "Toy Story 3" winning for Best animated feature. You can't ignore Disney.
- Billy Crystal, funny as ever. He kinda stole the show here.
- Sandra Bullock presenting. She just lights up a room.
- Anne Hathaway and James Franco. Although Anne looked a little bit more natural and comedic than James (I don't mind watching him for a couple of hours, no matter what he does. Come on, that smile!), they were a fun duo and they did a good job presenting the Oscars.


- James Franco not winning for "127 Hours". Well Colin Firth sure knows how to pick his roles. A King with a speaking ability, that's what the academy likes. And lets face it, men under 40 hardly ever get academy awards for their roles.
- "Inception" not winning best picture. I think this movie was to complicated for the academy, because they're probably all like 90.
- "The King's Speech" winning so many awards. It's sure a good movie, but not THAT good.
- The auto-tune montage. Wasn't funny at all and did not make sense.

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