zaterdag 19 februari 2011

Reasons Why I Love Sons of Anarchy

OK, so "Sons of Anarchy" is not your typical girly-show. It's about a motorgang, lots of badasses and violence. But that doesn't mean I can't like it, because I do. It's my latest addiction and I'm always looking forward to the next episode like I did with "Lost" and I still do with "CSI". Here are some reasons why I love this show so much.

# 1. No one's perfect. I think we love the characters more for their flaws than their perfectness. For example Gemma. We love the fact that she takes care of her boys, but we love her even more when she kicks some ass. Or Jax, the loving father, who kills like it's a daily chore. All the character have imperfections, even sweet doctor Tara who didn't think twice when shooting that ATF creep. Even Tig, the craziest guy out there, gets some sort of sympathy.

# 2. The guys! It's nice to watch sweet, caring, clumbsy boys in "Glee", but I prefer a tough guy. Charlie Hunnam is enough eye candy for me to tune in. But we also have Theo Rossi, who playes Juice, far out the hottest guy on the show. But Ryan Hurst and Kenny Johnson aren't all that bad either. No sissy's here. All real menly men.

# 3. Katey Sagal. Isn't she just perfect in her role as Gemma. This is the role of a lifetime. A well deserved Golden Globe she won.

# 4. Even though they do a lot of bad stuff (fighting, killing, selling guns, cheating, you name it), you still root for the SONS. They have a backstory and you sympathize (almost) everyone single one of them.

# 5. The music. Starting with the fantastic theme song by "Curtis Stigers & the Forest Rangers". How cool is that? Together with "Supernatural" probably the show with the best music in it.

If you've never watched the show before, you better start now. You're missing out on a lot, because it's an awesome show. Really worth watching.

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