dinsdag 8 februari 2011

Best of... Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston isn't one of my top 15 favorite actresses and she's not one of the best around either, but I always enjoy her movies and I like her very much. I liked her in Friends and I actually had the Rachel look for a while. And Jen made some fine films. Here are my favorite Jennifer Aniston movies.

"She's the One"
I think this was the first bigger role she played in a movie. I always thought the plot was well written and I found it very enjoyable. And for a rom-com it had a lot of depth and with that "She's the One" actually broke some rom-com rules.

"Picture Perfect"
How fun was this one? I remember renting it with a bunch of friends, while we were having a sleepover. Jennifer is so endeering in this film and don't you just love Jay Mohr here? It was a movie with a lot of heart, I liked it.

"The Object of My Affection"
Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston had great chemistry in this movie. Jennifer is just Jennifer here, the way we love her the most. And Paul wasn't the stereotypical gay man as they are always portrayed in films. This movie is just too charming to resist.

"Office Space"
I think this movie has a big fanbase. When I first saw it, I didn't really understand that. After watching it for a second time, I got it. Great workplace satire (it was already a succes before "The Office") and it's just an unique comedic experience. Even for non-Aniston fans it's considered a requirement.

"Bruce Almighty"
While Jim Carrey steals the show here, Jennifer delivers a solid performance as his girlfriend Grace. I really lauched out loud with this movie.

Not a typical Aniston movie, maybe that's why I liked it so much. A strong and surprisingly good story. Nice twist at the end.

"Marley & Me"
Probably my favorite. She forms a perfect couple with Owen Wilson and I enjoyed every single minute of this film. It's wonderfull to see how a destructive dog gets a married couple closer together. It's so honest, heartwarming and touching. "Marley & Me" is also one of those movies that make me cry.

"He's Just Not That Into You"
I know most people criticized it, but I really liked it. I love movies with multiple storylines and Beth's story, played by Jennifer, is one of my favorites.

There are still some movies I haven't seen yet: "Just Go With It", "Love Happens" and "The Switch".

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