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In the Picture: The Characters from "Easy A"

I recently saw this movie and it's full of interesting characters. Here are the characters from "Easy A".

Olive Pendergast
Played by: Emma Stone
Olive is a clean-cut high school student. She's very smart, anonymous and (so she says) a nothing. After avoiding a camping weekend with her best friend Rhiannon and her parents by saying she has a fictive date, a rumor was born. Rhiannon thinks Olive had sex with this 'guy' so Olive lies about it. The rumors spreads so fast, everyone in the entire school knows about it. Because they are reading "The Scarlet Letter" in school Olive decides to wear a red A on her clothes and she wants everyone to know she doesn't care about the rumors. Olive is starting to like all the attention she gets and she helps guys in her school to 'lose their virginity'. Not for real, but they can mention Olive's name. Olive soon realizes that if you have the reputation of a skank, people will treat you like that too.

Marianne Bryant
Played by: Amanda Bynes
Marianne is the one who spreads the rumor about Olive. She leads this we-all-love-God-and-Jesus group and thinks Olive is repulsive for for what she's doing. Marianne want's to 'save' Olive and wants her gone.

"Woodchuck" Todd
Played by: Penn Badgley
When Todd and Olive where in 6th grade, they prentented to have kissed. Ever since Olive had a crush on Todd. Todd is a very kind guy and the school's mascotte. He is one of the only people who doesn't believe the rumors that are spread about Olive and admits to her he likes her.

Played by: Aly Michalka
Unlike Olive, her best friend Rhiannon is populair and she did have sex. She is a real skank, but people aren't really paying attention to that. Rhiannon is pissed when Olive becomes more populair than her after the rumors. Especially when Olive goes on a date with Anson, Rhiannon's crush. Olive feels guilty about it, but after hearing that she was Todd's first kiss she doesn't feel that guilty anymore.

Mr. Griffith
Played by: Thomas Haden Church
Mr. Griffith is Olive's favorite teacher. He also doesn't believe all the rumors about Olive. He talks to Olive on a different level than the other students, because she actually reads to books for his class and understands them.

Mrs. Griffith
Played by: Lisa Kudrow
She's married to Mr. Griffith and the guidance counselor at school. Mrs. Griffith does believe the rumors and actually takes advantage of them after one of her students got chlamydia from her. Mrs. Griffith started an affair with one of the students, because she isn't happy in her marriage.

Dil Pendergast
Played by: Stanley Tucci
Dil is Olive's dad. He's a very open minded and 'cool' dad. He has a great sense of humor and truly gets Olive.

Rosemary Pendergast
Played by: Patricia Clarkson
Rosemary is Olive's mom. She's the perfect woman for Dil, because she's just as open minded. Rosemary is open about sex and talks about it with Olive. She even shares with her that she used to be a skank in high school and she slept with a bunch of people (mostly men).

Favorite Character: Olive Pendergast

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