zaterdag 7 januari 2012

Movie Moments: "The 'Burbs"

This movie is so underrated, because it's hilarious even after watching it like a hundred times. It's definitely Tom Hanks' funniest movie ever made. here are the best scenes from "The 'Burbs".

Moment # 1: Opening scene
We enter Mayfield Place, a nice suburban street. Ray gets his paper thrown at him and he responds by emptying his coffee cup towards the paperboy. Ricky puts on some heavy metal before he starts to paint his house. Walters dog Queenie poops on Rumsfields lawn. Rumsfield and Bonnie raise the American flag. We meet the people in Mayfield Place.

Moment # 2: Bees
One of the mysterious Klopek men leaves the house and Ray and Art see him. When he gets back in the house, the guys decide to go over. When they step on their porch, Art’s legg falls through and makes a hole in the porch. When Ray knocks on the door, a hole in the wall releases a swarm of bees. Ray and Art start running and Rumsfield wants to save them with his hose. When he’s running towards them, the hose is to short and Rumsfield falls. He eventually saves Ray and Art from the bees by hosing them down with water.

Moment # 3: Walters house
Bonnie finds Queenie walking around on the street. When Walter isn’t opening the door Ray, Art, Rumsfield, Bonnie and Ricky break in to his house. Bonnie is looking for some food for Queenie, when she starts screaming. She claims it’s a dead rat, when Rumsfield tells her it’s Walters hair piece. Art, off course, goes through Walters food supplies and finds cookies. He holds up the plate, but than Ricky enters the kitchen and breaks the plate.

Moment # 4: Satan is our pal
Ray and Art are in the basement reading a book about demonology. Art thinks the Klopeks are Satanists and Ray doesn’t want to hear about it. He covers his ears and starts humming a song. Art tells him he’s chanting ‘I want to kill everyone, Satan is good, Satan is our pal’.

Moment # 5: Ray’s dream
Ray goes to bed and wakes up. He’s looking for Carol and all of a sudden a chainsaw comes through the wall. He sees Carol and she tells Ray how nice it was to invite the neighbors for a barbecue. Ray is on that barbecue and about to be sacrificed by the Klopeks. Right before one of them is about to run a knife through his heart, he wakes up.

Moment # 6: The bone
Ray wants some peace and is trying to get rest when Art is trying to talk to him about the Klopeks again. When Ray’s dog Vince finds a bone, they see that he got it near the fence that connects Ray’s yard with the Klopeks. Art realizes that the bone belongs to Walter and both men start screaming. When Ray wants to run inside, Carol opens the door and accidentaly smashes it in to Ray’s face. Out of frustration he crushes a soda can.

Moment # 7: Visiting the Klopeks
Carol is sick of the guys spying on the Klopeks. She and Bonnie decide it’s a better idea to visit the Klopeks and have a chat. Ray, Rumsfield, Carol and Bonnie go over to the Klopeks. They meet Hans, Rueben and Werner Klopek and everything goes wrong: Rumsfield falls through the porch just like Art did before, he rips wallpaper of the wall, Ray almost chokes on sardines and later spills coffee into his lap, the giant dog is released and attacks Art who’s investigating the perimeter.

Moment # 8: Rumsfield falls of the roof
When Art and Ray are investigating the Klopek house when they’re gone, Rumsfield is on the look out on his roof. When Ricky is trying to warn him, Rumsfield falls of the roof.

Moment # 9: The house explodes
Art is running back into the Klopek house to tell Ray Walter is back. Ray hit a gasline and they have to get out as fast as possible. Art gets out in time, but the house explodes with Ray still in it. when all the neighbour are watching the house burn, Ray gets out in shock.

Moment # 10: Ray attacks Art
After everything that happened and not finding any evidence of murder in the Klopek house, Art still tells Ray that they will find something Ray gets mad and attacks Art. (Sorry, no picture)

Moment: 11: Hey Pinocchio!
It turns out that the Klopeks are killers and Hans wants to escape. Rumsfield sees it and yells: “Hey Pinocchio, where do you think you’re going?” He runs after him and Hans falls down. So does Rumsfield, but he does get him.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 8: Visiting the Klopeks

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