donderdag 26 januari 2012

Top 5 Thursday: Boxing Movies

There are so many boxing movies and for some reason the boxing in the films is more interesting then an actual boxing match. Here are my favorite movies about this sport.

5. Rocky Balboa
Off course my first reaction was; another Rocky movie. Who wants to see a 60 year old Sylvester Stallone in a boxing ring? But I came to love this movie, it really surprised me. And no matter how old he is, Rocky Balboa ends up being the most emotionally-touching of all the “Rocky” sequels.

4. Cinderella Man
One of director Ron Howard’s finest efforts to date. It is the heart-wrenching true story of Jim Braddock, a once promising fighter who lost almost everything after the great depression hit. Overlooked if you tell me, great acting by Russel Crowe.

3. Raging Bull
While “Raging Bull” isn’t necessarily a traditional movie about the sport of boxing, it is most certainly an incredibly deep character study of Jake LaMotta. Incredible movie.

2. Million Dollar Baby
This one was different from all the other boxing movies, because it was about a female boxer. What starts out as just another boxing story, suddenly takes a sharp turn into much darker and more dramatic territory. And fantastic performances by Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood.

1. Rocky
The ultimate favorite and maybe the best underdog story ever told. Rocky has a title-shot against the heavyweight champion of the world Apollo Creed. I love Rocky’s incredible determination and courage. And that classic scene with his fist up in the air.

They almost made the top 5: “The Champ”, “Rocky 2”, “Ali” and “The Hurricane”

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