dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Best of... Famke Janssen

Famke Janssen is a Dutch actress, so as a Dutch woman I should be proud of this fantastic actress. That's why I decided to dedicate this item to her. Here are my favorite movies of Famke Janssen.

I'm not a James Bond fan (only if it's Daniel Craig who's too hot to pass on) and Famke Janssen was the only reason I actually watched this Bond movie. And as Xenia Onatopp she also steals the show. One of the best Bond-girls ever.

"Deep Rising"
OK, maybe not Oscar material but so entertaining. And this movie doesn't take itself so seriously and is freakin' hilarious. I really like "Deep Rising".

Solid movie about a not so interesting sport: poker. Good chemistry between the actors and very enjoyable.

"The Faculty"
I love this movie. Directed by Robert Rodriguez and with a great cast. A high school movie with the stereotypical character, but without the standard teen-movie recipe. I've seen it many times, I haven't seen it in a while though.

One of my favorite superhero movies. This comic book was a perfect format for a movie and it turned out great. Great casting and very entertaining.

"Don't Say a Word"
An interesting kidnap story. Sean Bean always plays a believable villain and Michael Douglas usually plays roles that keep the audience's attention. The almost- two hours go by pretty quickly. The whole cast, actually, pretty good with no one person standing out.

"I Spy"
Basically funny because of Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy, especially in combination. Not a movie that a lot of people will remember, but definitely worth watching.

Another X-Men movie, not as good as the first, but still great. I really like Famke with Hugh Jackman. And I like all the new mutants introduced in this film.

"X-Men: The Last Stand"
The final movie in the trilogy. Still not as good as the first, but better than the second. Again new characters introduced. This was a great ending for a trilogy.

Liam Neeson is the real star in this movie, how awesome is he? It's an exciting movie, keeps you on the edge of your seat and takes your breath away. Very strong performance by Neeson, can't wait to see the sequel.

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