woensdag 1 februari 2012

In the Picture: The Characters from "Your Highness"

This movie got a lot of critics, but I think most people take the movie too seriously. Just don't. It's a fun film and its characters are even more fun.

Played by: Danny McBride
Thadeous is the king’s youngest son. He is lazy and ineffectual with both an inferiority complex and poor track record in quest taking. He hates the fact that everyone loves his older brother Fabious so much, but Thadeous doesn’t do anything to make the people love him too. When he meets Isabel, the true hero in him unravels.

Played by: James Franco
Fabious is the handsome prince and next in line to be king. He is dashing and skilled and seen as a real hero by the people of his kingdom. Fabious is determined to save his love Belladonna and secretly looks up to his Thadeous’ lifestyle.

Played by: Natalie Portman
Isabel is also on a quest when she meets Thadeous and Fabious. First she doesn’t want to have anything to do with them and she uses their information for her own good. When Thadeous tells her he’s looking for his brother, they join forces. Isabel is a very strong woman who’s fearless.

Played by: Zooey Deschanel
Belladonna was captured most of her life and was saved by Fabious. They fall in love and get married, but is then captured again. Belladonna is a pure woman, kind at heart but doesn’t know much of the outside world yet.

Played by: Justin Theroux
Leezar is the evil sorcerer in the kingdom and holds Belladonna hostage. He has to mate with her, so he can fulfill a prophecy. Leezar is an evil man, but has his insecurities and Belladonna doesn’t always take him very serious.

Played by: Toby Jones
Julie is Fabious’ trustee and he can’t stand Thadeous. While on the quest together with the brothers, we find out that Julie secretly works for Leezar and gives him information of the quest.

Played by: Damian Lewis
Before Thadeous went on quests with Fabious, Boremont was that guy. After not asking him to be his best man at the wedding, Boremont decides to turn against Fabious and together with Julie he now works for Leezar.

Favorite Character: Isabel

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