donderdag 2 februari 2012

Top 5 Thursday: CSI Episodes Centering Nick Stokes

As you all know, my favorite TV shows is "CSI" and my favorite character from that show is Nick Stokes. So I decided to create a list with the best CSI episode centering Nick. Here they are.

5. Stalker (Season 2)
The team is working on a stalker-case. Then they find out that the suspect is also following Nick. We get a glimpse of Nick’s personal life. The scene where the stalker confronts him is very strong and was definitely the highlight of the episode.

4. Targets of Obsession (Season 11)
The second episode with guest star Justin Bieber and slightly better then the first. Jason McCann returns and he's making it personal. I liked the scene where Nick, Catherine, Vartann and Skip the bomb-guy went into that building, which was filled with boobytraps. And Nick shooting Justin Bieber, almost a classic CSI scene.

3. Turn, Turn, Turn (Season 9)
This episode was even my favorite of the season. We see three different cases in a motel, that happened all in one year. Haley (guest star Taylor Swift) is the constant factor in all stories. She even ends up dead herself. It's a sad story, but a very strong one. Wonderfull episode and the end scene with Nick and Ray is beautiful.

2. Gum Drops (Season 6)
You see Nick as the leader of an important case involving a family and one missing child. What I liked most is that this case was investigated by Nick, Warrick, Greg and Sara. Nick is a great leader and for the Stokes fans it's a wonderfull episode.

1. Grave Danger (Season 5)
I think this is the most popular episode ever and I can understand why. As a Nick fan I really enjoy the emotional scenes he did and the race against time is nerve wrecking. It's a two hour episode directed by Quentin Tarentino and it's the most exciting episode I've ever seen.

They almost made the top 5: Boom (Season 1) and Shock Waves (Season 11)

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