zaterdag 4 februari 2012

In My Mailbox (33)

Three cards this week. The first card came from Minsk, Belarus. On this shows it shows a monument of the city.

Sent on: january 23rd 2012
Received on: january 31st 2012
Distance: 1,669 km (1,037 miles
Travel time: 8 days

Than I also got a card from Hildesheim, Germany. It looks like a cozy town. The sender told me it's a very old city.

Sent on: january 31st 2012
Received on: february 3rd 2012
Distance: 293 km (182 miles)
Travel time: 3 days

The last card cam from Gdynia,Poland. It's a private swap, which means that i also sent a card to Poland and I got this card in return. I can't register a private swap, but it's nice to add to my collection.

Sent on: january 24th 2012
Received on: february 3rd 2012
Distance: 920 km (572 miles)
Travel time: 10 days

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