woensdag 15 februari 2012

Movie Moments: "Lost in Translation"

One of my all-time favorites. "Lost in Translation" isn't a spectacular movie, but it's beautiful because of its simplicity. Bill and Scarlett are also an amazing duo. Here are my favorite moments.

Moment # 1: Shower
After a long trip, Bob wants to take a shower. When he turns on the water, he sees that the shower here is way too low. He’s trying to put it higher, but that’s impossible. Bob is too tall for Japanese showers.

Moment # 2: Filming the commercial
Bob is filming a commercial for a whiskey brand. When he’s waiting for the shoot to start, the director starts talking to Bob, in Japanese. It sounds like a long story and he even sounds angry. When the translator tells him what he said, it’s only a small demand. Bob doesn’t believe that’s all the director said.

Moment # 3: “Lip them”
A Japanese woman enter Bob’s room, saying she was sent by Mr. Kazaar. He sits down on the bed and the woman pulls up hir skirt, showing him her stockings. She tells him to ‘lip them’, which off course means that Bob has to rip them. When he wants to, she starts screaming not to touch her. Bob doesn’t know what to do.

Moment # 4: Photoshoot
Bob wants to get out of Japan as soon as possible, but he has to do a photoshoot for the whiskey commercial he shot. The photographers are talking to him about the Rat Pack, Sinatra, Roger Moore and shooting photos of him. Bob isn’t enjoying himself at all.

Moment # 5: Working out
Bob is working out and the machine he’s on starts saying things which he can’t understand. It starts to go very fast and Bob is calling for help. Eventually it stops.

Moment # 6: Bob meets Charlotte in the bar
After seeing each other a couple of times before, they finally meet. Bob tells her that’s he’s in Japan for the commercial, when he could actually be on stage. Charlotte tells him she travelled with her husband John who is a photographer. They both wished they could sleep.

Moment # 7: Karaoke
Bob and Charlotte attend a karaoke at Charlotte’s friends house. They seem to finally have a great time, after being bored out of their minds before. And they really enjoy each others company as well.

Moment # 8: Bob carries Charlotte
After their night out in the city, Bob carries Charlotte to her hotelroom. He puts her in bed, takes of her shoes and takes one look at her. She looks at him and smiles. Bob turns of the light, strokes her arm and leaves.

Moment # 9: Bob waits for Charlotte in the hospital
Charlotte hurt her toe a couple of days earlier and Bob tells her she should see a doctor. She does and when they are taking x-rays Bob is waiting for her outside. He is sitting next to an older man, who starts talking to him in Japanese. He’s a bit funny and the two women behind them are laughing really hard. When Charlotte’s done, Bob is waiting for her with a giant stuffed owl.

Moment # 10: Talking in the hotelroom
Again both Charlotte and Bob can’t get any sleep, so she’s going over to Bob’s room. They start talking about the first time they saw each other. Charlotte says that he was wearing a tuxedo in the bar, but Bob claims he’d seen Charlotte before. He saw her in the elevator, where she smiled at him. He never saw that smile again ever since. When they lay down on the bed, they start talking about marriage, Charlotte asks Bob if it gets easier. When Charlotte curls up and falls a sleep, Bob slighty touches her foot before going to sleep too.

Moment # 11: Charlotte visits a Japanese garden
Charlotte is doing some sightseeing and ends up in a Japanese garden. She sees a woman, who looks like a concubine and later sees a tree filled with paper bows. She attaches a bow herself, maybe with a wish written on it.

Moment # 12: Bob and Charlotte's final goodbye
When Bob is in a cab to leave for the airport, he sees Charlotte walking by. He gets out and runs over to her. Bob hugs Charlotte and whispers something in her ear. Then he kisses her and he leaves. The song “Just Like Honey” by Jesus and Mary Chain starts playing.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 12: Bob and Charlotte’s final goodbye

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