zondag 3 juni 2012

Best of... Amy Adams

Amy Adams appears in more movies and everytime I love her a little more. From supporting and meaningless roles, she grew out to be a fantstic leading lady. Here are my favorite Amy Adams movies.

Catch Me If You Can
Amy played the girl that Frank Abagnale Jr. almost married. How adorable was she with the braces? "Catch Me If You Can" has always been one of my favorites, a movie I always watch when it's on TV.

It's just a small film, overlooked by many, that should be getting a lot more attention. It's such a great film, good performances and a even better characters.

Enchanted I think this was Amy's big break. Overacting is annoying, but in this film it's perfect! I love Disney and again they pulled it off to make a fantastic, loveable movie. With sing-a-long songs.

Charlie Wilson's War
Not one of Hanks' best movies, but it does deserve a place on Amy's list. Just a very solid movie, with strong performances.

Sunshine Cleaning
Again a movie that didn't get the attention it deserved. "Sunshine Cleaning" is such a heartwarming film, with a perfect balance between comdey and drama. This movie manages to make me laugh and cry, but not too much. Then you know it's prefect.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
The third movie on this list that was kind of ignored. The best thing about this movie is the duo Frances McDormand and Amy Adams. They work together perfectly. Lovely movie.

Not a very spectacular movie, but it's about the story and the characters in this film. Three great actors; Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams. The ingredients that makes this film so good.

Julie & Julia
I really love the concept of this film. A woman decides to write a blog on how she's going to cook all of Julia Childs' recipes. This is a highly enjoyable movie and a true delight.

Leap Year
Normally I don't go for those movies, but somehow Amy gets away with it. She was actually the only reason I watched it in the first place and it was actually a really fun movie. I loved her together with Matthew Goode.

The Fighter
Amy's best role so far. Also a perfect performance by Christian Bale, who finally got recognition for his acting by winning an Oscar. Just like Melissa Leo. The film is great, but the performances are even better.
The Muppets
I love the Muppets, I love Jason Segel and I love Amy Adams so really nothing could go wrong. Everything about this movie is just great and I really enjoyed every minute of this movie. LOVE IT!

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