dinsdag 5 juni 2012

Movie Moments: "Shaun of the Dead"

"Shaun of the Dead" is my kind of humor. Everything about is just funny and I can watch it over and over again and still laugh at the same jokes. Here are my favorite moments from "Shaun of the Dead".

Moment # 1: Don’t you have work?
Shaun wakes up and joins his friend Ed for a videogame. Shaun logs in, but when he asks him if he doesn’t need to go to work, Shaun logs out again.

Moment # 2: “You got red on you”
Shaun is at work and he’s in charge today. His employees are not paying attention and one of them is even talking on his cell. When Shaun tries to step up to him all he say is “you got red on you”, meaning a leaking pen in his pocket. When his stepdad pays him a visit at the store, he says the same thing.

Moment # 3: The shop
After Shaun wakes up, he asks Ed if he wants something from the shop. Ed wants a cornetto. On his way to the shop, everything seems awfully quiet, people are walking around funny, there’s blood. Shaun doesn’t seem to notice any of it.

Moment # 4: First zombie encounter
Ed notices that there is a girl standing in their backyard. They try to get her attention and when they do they think she’s drunk. The girl, Mary, is actually trying to bite Shaun so he pushes her. She falls on a pole, but gets up with a huge hole in her body. When Shaun and Ed want to flee inside, a fat guy appears. In the house, a bleeding guy with only one arm enters and they knock him out. The two friends decide to take care of the two people in their yard by throwing things at them. When they are out of stuff, they start throwing old record. But not before they select which albums they can throw and which not. Eventually they beat them to death.

Moment # 5: The plan
Ed and Shaun want to think of a plan to save Shaun’s mom, kill Phillip who has been bitten and to go over to Liz. The plan changes a couple of times before they decide what to do.

Moment # 6: Going to the Winchester
Shaun, Ed, Liz, Barbara, Dianne and David are almost at the Winchester. Shaun just has to check if the coast is clear. He gets up on a small children’s slide. When he gets down they ask him if it’s clear. His response: “No”. There are lots of zombies waiting outside the Winchester.

Moment # 7: Act like a zombie
Dianne has a plan. If they act like zombies they won’t stand out and they can get to the Winchester safely. First they have to practice, but not everyone puts in an effort.

Moment # 8: Don’t stop me now
While in the Winchester, the group is attacked by its zombie owner. The jukebox starts playing “Don’t stop me now” by Queen and Shaun, Ed and Liz start beating the zombie. He ends up with his head smashed into the jukebox.

Moment # 9: Zombie Ed
Four months after the zombie outbreak, Liz and Shaun live together. When Shaun goes to the shed, he starts playing a videogame with Ed, who is now a zombie.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 8: Don’t stop met now

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