zaterdag 16 juni 2012

In My Mailbox (51)

Four postcards this week. The first card came from Freising, Germany and is my favorite of the week. Maybe also one of my all-time favorites. Killer whales are my most belove animals and I love, love, love this card.

Sent on: june 6th 2012
Received on: june 11th 2012
Distance: 516 km (321 miles)
Travel time: 5 days

This card came from Boajhong, Taiwan is is also very beautiful. A very rustic sight.

Sent on: june 4th 2012
Received on: june 13th 2012
Distance: Distance: 9,533 km (5,924 miles)
Travel time: 9 days

I also got a card from Liminka, Finland. This is super adorable, with the furry bunnies. The right one looks a bit like my Oscar. He has his fluffines. his was sent to me by an eight year old boy.

Sent on: june 7th 2012
Received on: june 15th 2012
Distance: 1,904 km (1,183 miles)
Travel time: 8 days

The last card came from Słupca, Poland. Again a very touristic card, not really my favorites. And the sender didn't really write me anything. I always like reading about the people who send me the cards.

Sent on: june 3rd 2012
Received on: june 16th 2012
Distance: Distance: 812 km (505 miles)
Travel time: 13 days

Thanks Anja, Sjeng Jie, Niko and Dawid for the postcards.

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