maandag 11 juni 2012

In the Picture: The Characters from "50/50"

This is the way a story like this should be told. Not over-dramatic, but with a touch of humor. “50/50” is such a fantastic film with some great characters. Here they are.

Adam Lerner
Played by: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Adam works as a radio journalist and is 27 years old when he discovers he has a rare form of cancer in his spine. His chances are 50/50. He sees it as a burden that his girlfriend, his mother and his best friend have to take care of him. Adam is a kind man who wants to enjoy the little things in life and tries to enjoy it even though he’s sick. He finds that very hard, but he realizes that his mom, Kyle and his therapist Katherine are there for him all in a different way.

Played by: Seth Rogen
Kyle is Adam’s best friend and mister positive. He thinks the odds of Adam surviving are good and better than expected. Kyle tries to make Adam still enjoy life by taking him out and getting him laid. When Adam is sick of being sick, he gets mad at Kyle for trying to make him forget about the illness, Adam finds a book that Kyle is reading “Fighting Cancer Together”.

Katherine McKay
Played by: Anna Kendrick
Katherine is Adam’s young therapist. At first Adam doesn’t think much of Katherine, because she is only 24, but they develop a close relationship. Katherine is very sweet and caring, though a bit insecure about how to deal with Adam. Soon Adam Realizes that Katherine is a fantastic woman and he wishes she was his girlfriend.

Played by: Bryce Dallas Howard
Rachael is Adam’s girlfriend and very demanding and a bit selfish. When she first hears about Adam’s sickness, she says she wants to take care of him. Rachael can’t deal with it though. Kyle sees Rachael with another man and tells Adam. Rachael says it was hard on her to deal with the illness, but she doesn’t seem to realize how hard it is on Adam. They break up.

Diane Lerner
Played by: Anjelica Huston
Diane is Adam’s mother and is married to an Alzheimer patient. She is broken up about the fact that Adam is sick. Adam doesn’t allow her to take care of him, because she already has his dad to take care of. Diane feels powerless.

Favorite Character: Adam Lerner

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