donderdag 7 juni 2012

Top 5 Thursday: Live Concerts

Top 5 Thursday: Live Concerts This top 5 is an idea of my brother. When I started this list, I realized how many great concerts I have already witnessed. Almost all with my brother. Here is a top 5 of my favorite live concerts.

5. Alter Bridge (june 11th 2011)
I saw this band last year on the Pinkpop festival in our country. I had heard of the name, but it didn’t ring a bell. This was definitely a very surprising concert. Right after their performance on this festival, Coldplay would play on the mainstage. Most people left Alter Bridge early to see Coldplay, but me and my brother stayed. And we were so glad we did. What an awesome band and Myles Kennedy is without a doubt one of the best singers ever. He hits every note. What a great discovery!

4. Lifehouse (september 22nd 2010)
Not per definition the best live band, but Lifehouse is my favorite band and it was a special moment to finally see them live. Their hit “Hanging by a Moment” was the only hit in my country. I followed them after that and bought their albums, but they never did concerts in my country. When their fifth album came out, “Halfway Gone” was a hit here and they started touring again. It was one of my favorite days ever.

3. Foo Fighters (june 13th 2011)
I saw them at the Pinkpop festival last year and they where the last band to play on that festival. And what a performance. No talking, just two and a half hours of rock. One minute it started to rain and a rainbow appeared. Dave Grohl actually stopped playing and said how awesome that was. This was a great concert, one I look back to with a lot of pleasure.

2. Metallica (june 15th 2003)
I was very young and this was one of my first bigger concerts. It was also a festival, Fields of Rock, in Nijmegen. Nowadays it’s called Rockin’ Park. Metallica was the headliner that day and my second favorite live performance I saw. My brother is a huge fan and because of him I started listening to their music and came to love it. This concert was so great. I saw them a second time that year and I really hope to see them again some day, because it’s so long ago.

1. Pearl Jam (june 27th 2010)
Also part of a festival and Pearl Jam was the headliner. Without a doubt the best live band I ever saw. Eddie Vedder is vocally so strong and convincing and their lyrics are fantastic. I wish to see them again, because this was the best concert I ever saw.

They almost made the top 5: Bruce Springsteen may 28th 2012, Mumford and Sons may 28th 2012, The Eagles july 18th 2009, Metallica december 6th 2003, Beth Hart march 9th 2012

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