donderdag 19 juli 2012

50 Books Challenge 2012 - # 28: Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

Title: Remember Me?
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Story: Lexi wakes up in a hospital bed after a car accident, thinking it's 2004 and she's a twenty-five-year old with crooked teeth and a disastrous love life. But, to her disbelief, she learns it's actually 2007 - she's twenty-eight, her teeth are straight, she's the boss of her department - and she's married! To a good-looking millionaire! How on earth did she land the dream life??! She can't believe her luck - especially when she sees her stunning new home. She's sure she'll have a fantastic marriage once she gets to know her husband again. He's drawn up a 'manual of our marriage,' which should help. But as she learns more about her new self, chinks start to appear in the perfect life. All her old colleagues hate her. A rival is after her job. Then a dishevelled, sexy guy turns up...and lands a new bombshell. What happened to her? Will she ever remember? And what will happen if she does?
Start: july 1st 2012
End: july 16th 2012
Comment: Chicklits are known to be easy and light reads. Kinsella is very good at that, because her "Shopaholic" series is very succesful. We meet Lexi and it's not hard to like her right away. When Lexi wakes up in the hospital realizing that she became this totally different person, you are just as shocked and you want to find out what drove her to become this stricked businesswoman. The new Lexi isn't as nice and although she has a perfect life with a handsome husband, something is missing in her life. We go on the journey with Lexi to find out what happened in those three years that were erased from her memory. It's written from Lexi's perspective and I really enjoyed her voice-over. I didn't like Eric and I really liked Jon's character. He is the only one that really knows Lexi, while Eric is the one married to her. This book is a perfect start for the chicklit month and if you're in for something funny and light, this is the book for you.
Rating: 4/ 5

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