zaterdag 21 juli 2012

In My Mailbox (54)

I have a lot of postcards to share with you. Because I was away for a couple of weeks, I got a lot of cards and I'mgoing to show them all to you. It's eight cards, so not as much as I hoped for. There were times I got them in one week. The first one came from Odessa, Ukraine. A very beautiful landscape postcard.

Sent on: june 26th 2012
Received on: july 3rd 2012
Distance: 1,880 km (1,168 miles)
Travel time: 7 days

I got this one from Narva, Russia. I like that it's the same building once drawn and once photographed. Nice card.

Sent on: june 25th 2012
Received on: juky 3rd 2012
Distance: 1,687 km (1,048 miles)
Travel time: 8 days

From Yunlin City, Taiwan I got these nice streetlanterns.

Sent on: july 1st 2012
Received on: july 8th 2012
Distance: 9,525 km (5,919 miles)
Travel time: 7 days

I got this lovely rainy card from Fuzhou, China. I love cards with rain and umbrella's on it so I'm super happy with this card.

Sent on: june 27th 2012
Received on: july 10th 2012
Distance: 9,257 km (5,752 miles)
Travel time: 13 days

I can add another state map to my collection, because this Louisiana map was sent to me. Very happy with it.

Sent on: july 5th 2012
Received on: july 13th 2012
Distance: 7,848 km (4,877 miles)
Travel time: 8 days

This really cute card with the cartoon animals came from Hongkong.

Sent on: july 2nd 2012
Received on: july 16th 2012
Distance: 9,292 km (5,774 miles)
Travel time: 14 days

My favorite from this batch came from Singapore. How lovely and sweet is this little panda!!

Sent on: july 10th 2012
Received on: july 17th 2012
Distance: 10,441 km (6,488 miles)
Travel time: 7 days

The last card came from Dresden, Germany. I nice skyline by night. Like it a lot.

Sent on: june 21st 2012
Received on: july 19th 2012
Distance: 542 km (337 miles)
Travel time: 28 days

Thanks Tania, Kseniya, Yazih, Nowia, Tandi, Tungming, Mork and Jana for your great postcards.

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