zaterdag 22 september 2012

In My Mailbox (63)

Not as many cards as last week, but my mailbox was happy five times this week. And again some really great cards. The first one came from Kentucky, US. A Marilyn Monroe card. Really beautiful.

Sent: august 26th 2012
Received: september 18th 2012
Distance: 7,067 km (4,391 miles)
Travel time: 23 days

From Coburg, Germany I got this amazing card with hot air balloons. The sender was about to travel to Denmark when she was writing this card.

Sent: september 7th 2012
Received: september 19th 2012
Distance: 364 km (226 miles)
Travel time: 12 days

Another card from Germany, this time Leipzig. A nice landscape. Very peaceful.

Sent: september 17th 2012
Received: september 20th 2012
Distance: 447 km (278 miles)
Travel time: 3 days

From Miass, Russia I got this wonderful tiger card. Such a wonderful card. And the writer and I have a lot in common. She also loves movies just as much as I do and her perfect nights are in the fall, with a blanket and a cup of tea watching a movie. Another funny fact: this was her first card to arrive!

Sent: september 11th 2012
Received: september 21st 2012
Distance: 3,555 km (2,209 miles)
Travel time: 10 days

Another tiger card, this time from New Jersey, US. I just love these big cats. Very happy with both of them!!

Sent: september 12th 2012
Received: september 22nd 2012
Distance: Distance: 5,992 km (3,723 miles)
Travel time: 10 days

Thanks Jorvan, Dagmar, Corinna, Anna and Danielle for your amazing cards!

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