dinsdag 18 september 2012

Movie Moments: 50/50

After seeing this movie for the first time, it became one of my favorites. Very much overlooked bij the Academy too. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is amazing as Adam. I love this movie.

Moment # 1: Adam gets bad news
Adam has been complaining about his back and goes to the doctor. When the doctor enters the room, he starts recording his findings,without talking to Adam first. When he asks the doctor what’s wrong with him,he simply tells Adam that he has a tumor in his spine. There is a 50 percent chance he will survive, we hear “High and Dry” by Radiohead.

Moment # 2: Adam tells Kyle
After he found out about the tumor, Adam tells his best friend Kyle. Kyle feels sick after he hears it, but thinks the odds are pretty good. He mentions Patrick Swayze, but Adam tells him it’s a bad example because he died.

Moment # 3: Adam meets Katherine
Adam’s doctor recommended him to see a therapist. He meets Katherine. Adam thinks she is too young, like Dougie Howser. Adam finds out that he’s Katherine’s third patient. She is trying to connect with him, but Adam doesn’t really like it. Katherine tries it with a relaxation exercise.

Moment # 4: First chemo
Rachel drives Adam to his first chemo, but she doesn’t go with him. He meets Mitch and Alan, who are also having chemo. Alan offers him some cookies, with weed in it. They immediately connect.

Moment # 5: Adam shaves his head
He’s going bald anyway, so Adam decides to shave his head. Kyle is with him and is a bit scared because he thinks Adam is going to like like Michael Stipe, so Adam does it himself.

Moment # 6: Exhibit whore
Kyle is on a date and sees Rachel with another man. He takes a picture and shows Adam, when Rachel is also there. He calls the picture ‘exhibit whore’ and shares that he always hated Rachel. Adam doesn’t understand why she stayed with him al those nights, because he gave Rachel an out. Adam kicks her out.

Moment # 7: “I look like Voldemort”
While walking the dog, Adam and Kyle run into a cute girl. When they continue their walk, Kyle tells him she would totally do him. Kyle tells Adam that he could get any girl, because he’s sick. Adam doesn’t believe that, because he thinks he looks like Voldemort.

Moment # 8: Trying to pick up girls
Adam and Kyle are going to try and pick up girls. He thinks Adam should play the cancer card sooner, so when Adam introduces himself to a girl he immediately tells her he has cancer. Kyle realizes that it doesn’t work and that it actually sounds weird.

Moment # 9: Katherine gives Adam a ride
Katherine sees Adam at a bus stop and offers him a ride. She tells Adam that, if he feels sick, she will pull over. Adam tells her about Rachel and Katherine talks about her ex. How she still check his facebook status. She stops talking, because she thinks it’s inappropriate. Adam looks at her and all of a sudden he asks Katherine to stop and she thinks he feels sick. Instead of throwing up, Adam starts cleaning her car. He can’t stand the mess. At the end of the ride, Katherine gives Adam her number for emergencies.

Moment # 10: The painting
Rachel stopped by for her stuff and Adam is really done with her. He takes her painting to the yard and together with Kyle he starts throwing things at the painting. Eggs, knifes and an axe. At the end they burn it and they think it looks even better now.

Moment # 11: "That’s better"
Adam starts to talk about his parents to Katherine. She gives her good advice and they are really connecting this time. Katherine grabs his wrist and Adam smiles at her. At first he didn’t like it when Katherine did that, now it feels much better.

Moment # 12: Adam and his mom reconnect
After the talk he had with Katherine, Adam realizes that he should contact his mother more. When they are at the doctor’s office together, his mom tells him she joined a support group for parents with a child with cancer. Adam sees it’s also hard on her.

Moment # 13: Adam calls Katherine
Adam is having a mental breakdown. He calls Katherine and she’s glad that he called. Adam tells her about all the things he never did and apologizes to her for the last session they had. He was an asshole, but Katherine also tells Adam she was an asshole. Adam tells her he wished she was his girlfriend and Katherine smiles.

Moment # 14: Kyle read the books
Just when Adam thinks Kyle is a lousy friend, he finds books about cancer in his house. Books he read. That’s a real friend.

Moment # 15: Before the surgery
Right before the surgery Adam talks to his dad. When the nurses come to give him his anesthetic, Adam gets scared and realizes that this could be it for him. He hugs his mom.

Moment # 16: Katherine visits Adam at the hospital
Adam got through the surgery and Katherine visits him. He’s happy to see her and Adam tells her he wants to bake her pancakes. Katherine thinks that would be nice. She grabs his wrist and Adam grabs hers. They smile at each other and Adam tells her he’s peeing right now. Katherine tells him she won’t watch.

Moment # 17: The wound
Kyle has to put balm on Adam’s wound, but he thinks it’s scary. It looks like Quatto from “Total Recall”. He eventually does it, with his finger, when Adam tells him there are swabs to do it with.

Moment # 18: The date
Adam is getting ready for a date and when he opens the door it's Katherine. Kyle immediatly likes her and when he leaves Adam and Katherine are looking at each other and smiling. Katherine asks Adam "Now what?"

Favorite Moment: Moment # 15: Before the surgery

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