donderdag 27 september 2012

Top 5 Thursday: "Family Guy" Characters

“Family Guy” is without a doubt the funniest TV cartoon ever! And it’s full of goofy characters. Here are my favorites.

5. Seamus
The older, crustier the sailor is, the funnier he gets. No one is older and crustier than good Seamus. This sea captain is distinctive in that all four of his limbs has been replaced with wooden pegs. Just that is hilarious. Seamus has a habit of popping up where you would least expect him.

4. Adam West
Adam West is weird. He might even be the most eccentric character on the show. He’s looking out for his city’s wellbeing in his own special way.

3. Peter Griffin
Peter wants to paint the world with all kinds of stupid. That’s the word: stupid. Peter is stupid. But that barely begins to describe him. Peter is almost insane with stupidity. Many of the show's funniest moments come courtesy of Peter's shenanigans.

2. Stewie Griffin
He is a baby who wants to dominate the world, hates his mother and is quasi-homosexual. He can actually act like a baby sometimes, especially when it comes to his teddybear Rupert. But Stewie is an evil genius adult trapped in a little boys body.

1. Brian Griffin
The fun thing about Brian is that he’s the dog of the family and the only intelligent one of the group. He has strong opinions about politics and society and I love his sarcasm. I seriously would want a dog like Brian.

They almost made the top 5: Bruce, Cleveland Brown, Lois Griffin, Tom Tucker, Death, Fouad and Joe Swanson

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