donderdag 20 september 2012

Top 5 Thursday: SNL Skits with Host Seth MacFarlane

I'm going to admit something. I have a little crush on Seth MacFarlane. How funny is this guy. He created one of the funniest cartoons ever, directed and voices "Ted" and hosted the opening of the new season of "Saturday Night Live". Because "SNL" was such a succes, I decided to rank the skits. Here are my favorite sketches from "SNL" with host Seth MacFarlane.

5. Introduction to Puppetry
Bill Hader’s is actually the funniest man in this skit, but this is really a sketch that Seth MacFarlane could have come up with.

4. Opening Monologue
Seth MacFarlane is known for his voices. Some of the familiar “Family Guy” character pass by, like Peter, Stewie, Brian and Quagmire. We also hear Kermit the Frog, Droopy, Marty McFly and many others.

3. Wooden Spoon Warehouse
Tim Robinson and Seth MacFarlane play two Amish brothers who are trying to sell their wooden spoons on the internet. This is the address: double valley, double valley, double valley, time freckle, double valley, owl’s eyes, stringless harp, broken ladder, hurt snake, fine snake, fat snake, owl’s eyes, hurt snake, double valley, lean-to, fat snake with a sex penis, broken ladder, horse bridge, child’s toy, bull scrotum, the river what took my son, the three-fingered man, dot, com.

2. Lids Club
Seth MacFarlane, Kenan Thompson, and Jason Sudeikis play employees at a Lids store in the mall. MacFarlane tries to cheer Thompson up with the internet-popular “Gangnam Style,” which he can make appear with the press of a button. Bobby Moynihan plays Korean rapper PSY, including all the weird dance moves. Eventually the real PSY enters the stage as well. This was such a funny skit.

1. Seth as Ryan Lochte
Seth MacFarlane’s impersonation of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte seems spot on. Although Lochte is probably not that dumb, he sure sometimes acts like he is. Favorite quote: “It feels so weird to be dry.” Freakin’ hilarious!

They almost made the top 5: Basic Training and Blind Date

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