woensdag 24 april 2013

Movie Moments: "Big"

"Big" is one of Tom Hanks' best performances. He is my favorite and I just love his childish behaviour in this movie. And there are some great scenes in this film too. Here are my favorites.

Moment # 1: Josh makes a wish
After Josh was rejected on a thrill ride, he discovers a Zoltar machine. He puts in a quarter and he can make a wish. He wishes he were big. Josh receives a card which says his wish was granted.

Moment # 2: Josh got big
The day after, when Josh wakes up, he sees his wish came true. He is big, Josh is a grown up now.

Moment # 3: Convincing Billy
Josh tried to convince his mom, but she didn’t believe it was really him. So he is trying it with his best friend Billy. At first he doesn’t believe it either, but when Josh starts singing a song they always sing together, Billy believes him.

Moment # 4: Chopsticks
Josh and his boss meet each other in the toystore. Josh starts telling him what he does and doesn’t like about the companies toys. When Josh sees a giant floor piano, the two of them start playing “Chopsticks”.

Moment # 5: Limo
Susan asks Josh if he wants to leave the party with her. They get into a limo and Josh is fascinated by it. He starts playing with all the buttons in the car, while Susan is trying to have a serious conversation with him.

Moment # 6: Trampoline
Susan goes to Josh’s apartment, which is filled with toys. She sees a trampoline and Josh invites her to jump on it. At first Susan doesn’t want to, but as soon as she gets on it she has the most fun ever.

Moment # 7: “Give me the ball!”
Josh and Paul are playing racquetball and when Paul says he won, Josh tells him he’s cheating. Paul just wants the ball back, but Josh does everything to prevent Paul from getting back that ball.

Moment # 8: Josh returns home
Josh found the Zoltar machine and is trying to undo his wish, so he can go home. When Susan sees him standing at the machine, she knows she has to say goodbye to him. Susan drives Josh home, they say goodbye and Josh is finally home and his ‘young’ self.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 4: Chopsticks

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