donderdag 4 april 2013

Top 5 Thursday: Characters from "The Walking Dead"

Yesterday I did a pic spam featuring one of the actors from this amazing show. Now I’m giving you my five favorite characters from “The Walking Dead”.

5. Rick Grimes
The leader of the group and that’s a big responsibility. But he’s doing an OK job so far. Rick would do anything for his family and the members of their group. I think it’s tough to stay sane in a situation like this, but Rick manages.

4. Glenn Rhee
He kind of reminds me of Hurley from “Lost”. A guy you just can’t hate, everybody likes him. And Glenn is very brave and honest.

3. Dale Horvath
Dale is a loyal and wise man. He’s the guy you can always rely on. I liked him in combination with Andrea. It really broke my heart when Dale died, I actually cried. He just wanted everybody to be save, instead he had to give is life for it.

2. Maggie Green
I liked her from the beginning. She is a tough girl and ver loyal to Glenn and all the other survivors in the group.

1. Daryl Dixon
Not at first, but Daryl grew on me somehow. I especially liked the part where he was trying to find Sophia. Daryl has a big mouth, but maybe even a bigger heart.

They Almost Made the Top 5: T-Dog, Andrea, Carol Peletier

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